Heath Johns

Raised on the Canadian Prairies, I now live down the street from the Pacific Ocean in Victoria, BC. I keep sane with the help and company of my wife, step-daughter, and tiny dog (pictured).

Growing up my heroes were big-system thinkers like Buckminster Fuller and Stewart Brand - I see the world as ebbs and flows of atoms and information, moving back and forth between chaos and meaning. I talk about computers a lot on this site, but I also love design - understanding and playing with the ways that our brains find patterns and beauty in those atoms and their arrangements. This manifests as a long-standing interest in product design, ergonomics, and visual design.

I'm a weather-beaten techno-optimist. A compulsive fixer of things. An instigator and a smooth-overer. A collector of random knowledge and battle-tested heuristics. A good person to have in your corner.